About Three Rings Music Publishing

Hello, I’m Christopher Corfman. As a serious recorder player and early music enthusiast, I’ve always sought greater truth in music making, consistently returning to the sources to form my own editions. After many years this has grown into a substantial library. As a natural extension of those efforts, I’m now making some of that music available publicly.

Legibility, aesthetic appeal, solid research, and editorial clarity are important. Three Rings Music Editions demonstrate that; you can see the difference. And because so many hours are spent playing through the music and making corrections before it is even considered for publication, Three Rings Music Editions should be error free (But please, if you do find an error let me know. It will be corrected and listed here.)

Three Rings Editions fit neatly into a three ring binder. They can be purchased for immediate download at SheetMusicPlus.com.

Technical Exercises

TR 1533 Journey Around the Keys for Unaccompanied Recorders in F & C. Improve fingering accuracy, breath control, and overall musicality. This challenging exercise moves through the keys by ascending fifths, with similar major and relative minor scales, arpeggios, harmonies, and cadences, fitted to the scope and characteristics of each key. Includes two separate versions for F and C recorders.

Future Publications

Several future publications are on the table that I feel will add to what’s already out there. When there’s time to focus on certain of them, they will be published. So check back every so often.

Comments or Questions?

I value your thoughts about my publications, this website, or music and music scholarship in general. Please contact me.

Seattle Recorders, My Other Website

SeattleRecorders.com is where I share my musical accomplishments, and invite other musicians to participate in Musical Projects geared toward performance. There are also other links to the Seattle recorder music scene.


Publications Available Now

Pierre Attaingnant, 14 Chansons from Vingt & sept chansons musicales a quatre parties. For recorder quartet, or any instrumental quartet. Includes French chansons by Claudin de Sermisy (c. 1490 - 1562), Pierre Vermont (c. 1495 - 1527/33), Guillaume Le Heurteur (fl. 1530 - 1545), Pierre Passereau (fl. 1509 - 1547), Johannes Lupi (c. 1506 - 1539), and Jacotin, a.k.a. Jacob Godebrye (d. 1529). Historically, the first ever extant collection that labeled specific music suitable for recorders. These chansons fit perfectly both SATB (Modern) or ATTB (Renaissance) recorder quartets. Score & Parts.

TR 1013 Johann Sebastian Bach, Solo Partita, (BWV 1013) This edition follows the only known source, kept at the German State Library, Berlin. Opinions on the time and place of composition span from 1722 at Cöthen, to 1724 at Leipzig. Similar to his other unaccompanied solos, Bach wrote this partita to the highest standard of his art. The whole work is transcribed up a minor third for alto recorder.

TR 0012 Georg Philipp Telemann, 12 Fantasies, (TWV 40:2-13) This edition follows the only known source, likely engraved and published serially by Telemann himself, sometime between 1727 and 1732. These fantasies systematically and broadly survey the compositional forms and dances of eighteenth century Europe; but Telemann didn’t give specific names. Instead he gave tempo markings and the general title “Fantasia” (Italian), allowing added expressive freedom, both for himself compositionally, and for the performer musically. This complete edition is transcribed up a minor third for alto recorder.